English diary (6)

2005/11/28, Monday
by Jonathan
Tonight at seven o’clock Bath was snowing. When my brother, my cousin and I saw the snow, we were very exciting. We took some photographs of snow. When my mother came back from the university, she said “At Bath University the snow was very big.” What alas! We just had a little bit snow in town.
2005/11/25, Friday
by Matthew
Today we went to Prior Park. It was snowing so my brother and I played snow ball fight. The Prior Park is beautiful. It has a lot of trees. In the park we saw four deer. They ran very fast. I saw one kind of bird. It had big wings. That bird sounded not good but it had beautiful feathers.
2005/11/25, Friday
by Jonathan
Today aunt Linda took my brother, my cousin and me to Prior Park. Prior Park is made by Ralph Allen. In the park there is a bridge. On top hill of the park there is a college. That college building was Ralph Allen’s home and Prior Park was his garden before. It was cool today. Last night it was snowing so on the way we saw the snow on the walls, trees and ground. When we went to eat lunch my brother found he lost his hat in the park. We went back to find it. Finally we found it and walked back home to have a rest.
2005/11/22, Thursday
by Matthew
Today during the break we were in the school bank. We always stay there and wait for the school bell. Recently we were playing “stealing” game in that area. A group of boy came to us today. Later on they threw candies toward us. They were not giving us candies. Actually they were shooting us with candies. I know they were bad boys who smoked in the school.
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