Cycling at East of Taiwan

By Matthew Tan(譚上予), 2008/2/11, Monday
It was winter vocation. Our church’s members and their children planned to cycle at the east of Taiwan. They planned to start from our church, which was in the northern Taiwan. When they started cycling, my brother, aunt and I were in Japan. When we came back from Japan, they already cycled through about 80% of the trip.
We took train to join them. I saw everybody were tired. Their faces were unhappy and their clothes were dirty and wet. It made me feel a bit surprised. I thought they should be happy, but I was wrong.
I cycled with them next day. The weather was cloudy. They said it was the best weather in this trip. We started riding after a prayer. We visited a farm. We ate some ice cream there and there were many cow behind the fence.
After a long time of cycling, we stopped in a T-road. I was tired because the leader was too fast for me. I couldn’t catch up. Half of the members were there, but the others were gone. They went to the wrong way and spent a long time to get to the right track.
The lunch was ready for us, when we came to the resting place. We were going to ride through mountains after lunch. Raindrops came down from the sky when we continued the journey. The mountain road was long. When I passed a tunnel, I saw a gray sea hiding behind the mountains. Fresh air from the sea blew my face. I rode down to the coastal road and to the place where we slept.
It was the end of the trip for me and for others. We got back home by driving next day. I thought the east side of Taiwan was beautiful.

Cycling at East of Taiwan
By Jonathan Tan(譚時予), 2008/2/11, Monday
After we finished our worship on Sunday, 6th of February, my aunt, my brother and I went to take the train. We had taken the train for four hours. My mom told me that we wouldn’t have any seats in the train, because the train was full when my mom bought the tickets. However, we found seats in the train. We found two seats and one box to sit on. We were lucky!
Finally we arrived at Ray-Swei, Hwa-lein, where we met my mom and the other bike-lovers. They were really something! They cycled from Keelung to Ray-Swei. My mom drove us to our resort. It was happy to meet the others.
The next morning we started our cycling journey. At first there weren’t any slopes, only flat grounds. I was very happy at this moment. Later on we went to Rey-Swei farm. We ate some ice cream over there. It was delicious.
Then we continued our journey. After hours’ riding the whole team split into three parts. The first part was all teenagers and the team leader. The middle part was all kids. The last was the children’s parents. The first part of the team somehow stopped and waited for the others, but the rest didn’t show up. I was with the first part. When we phoned others, we realized that they were lost. Finally after patient waiting, the whole team met again.
After lunch, we cycled through mountains. It was very tired. When I got to the highest point of the road, there was a tunnel. I couldn’t see the other people behind me. When we had five people gathering, we started going through the tunnel. After we got down from the mountains we arrived at the coastal road. It was very pretty. After about another hour cycling we got to our B&B. In the B&B I slept very well because I was tired.
The next day we drove cars back home. Actually I had only cycled for one day and the other people had cycled for three days. I had a great time cycling with my friends. Hope I can have another cycling trip next time.

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