Easter Holiday Diary – Jonathan

1st April 2006, Saturday

Trip of Stone Circle
Yesterday my brother, my mother, Joanne, Steven and I went to Stone
Circle. Stone Circle is similar to Stonehenge, but Stone Circle does
not have any stone stacked up together. When we arrived at Stone
Circle, there were lots of sheep, not just big sheep but also baby
sheep. We walked around the stones. I even climbed on the stones. As
all of us climbed on one stone, my mum took some funny pictures for us.
In the field we saw a big tree lying on the ground. My mum thought the
tree fell because of thunder. We all agreed with her, because the
people there had no reason to chop this tree down, and on the tree
there were some burning marks. After visited Stone Circle we went to
Bristol for dinner. After dinner we went to the suspension bridge for a
walk. Suspension bridge is at west side of Bristol. This bridge is
already 200-year-old, but cars can still drive on it.
3rd April 2006, Monday

Cycling along Avon canal
Yesterday Steve took us to ride bicycle along Avon canal. We rented
four bicycles to ride, and we took one bicycle from our home. We rode
bicycle from Dundas Aqueduct to Cross Guns (Avoncliff). On the way to
Cross Guns, the scenery was very beautiful. My mum was always the last
one because she liked to take photographs. After we arrived at Cross
Guns, we rode our bicycles back to Dundas Aqueduct to return the
bicycles. Later we took Steven’s car to Cross Guns so we could have
dinner there. We had the best English dinner at Cross Guns. Then we
went to Steven’s home to have some ice creams. Yesterday I was very
happy. Today I was very excited because my families were coming from
Taiwan to visit us. 

4th April 2006, Tuesday

Visiting Edinburgh Castle
Yesterday my father, my aunt and my cousin Rachel came. I was very
happy and excited too. Today we woke up at 4 a.m. We were very tired.
However, we took a taxi to Bristol airport, so we could take a plane to
Edinburgh. After we arrived in Edinburgh, my father and mother went to
rent a car. We drove the car to our holiday house. When we arrived
there were some people cleaning the house and it was dirty. After we
went to the castle and came back, it was very clean. We were very
tired. Even my father and mother slept in the castle!!! After the
castle, we went to St. Giles. This time it was Rachel and my aunt who
slept!!! Today was so funny, ever though we were very tired.
5th April 2006, Wednesday

Visiting Holyrood House
Today we woke very late so we decided to stay in Edinburgh and don’t go
to other place. We went to Holyrood house. Holyrood house is very
pretty, and this is the queen’s official Scottish residence. Holyrood
house is like a square with a church beside it. In the middle of it,
there was a sod. After visiting Holyrood house we went to the seacoast.
We stayed in the car most of the time because the wind outside was too
strong. Before we went back our holiday house we found a castle. We
found it, but it was going to close. So we went home. When we were at
home, we were making fun of each other and I liked it. 
6th April 2006, Thursday

Visiting Stirling and Lock Lomond
Today we went to Stirling first. I was the person who helped my father
to find the road. Today’s weather was very strange because it changed
very fast. For example, it was raining and soon after it became sunny.
Sometime it even hailed! We spent the whole morning at Stirling castle.
I thought this castle is not as good as Edinburgh castle. Next we went
to the Trossachs to look at the high land. The place we had been to has
lots of lakes. After that we went to Lock Lomond which is the biggest
fresh water lake in Britain. At last we went to Glasgow to have a
dinner and we went back to Edinburgh. Today I was very happy but also
very tired.
7th April 2006, Friday

Leaving Scotland
Today we woke up at 6 a.m. We woke up so early because our flight was
on 8:40. All of us were very tired, so on the airplane we were all
sleeping. I slept sound. When the airplane landed, I didn’t even know
about it. We took taxi back to Bath. When we went back home, we all
missed the holiday house because our home is not as good as the holiday
house. We went out for lunch. We ate a very delicious Indian food.
Matthew and I went to public library to play computer games. After we
got back home, my cousin Joanne took us out and met with Rachel for
shopping. Matthew didn’t want to shop so he went back home. At night my
mum, my cousin and Steven took Rachel out to the pub. My father, my
aunt, Matthew and I went to bed early.
8th April 2006, Saturday

Bristol Firework
Today when I was eating breakfast, Steven came and took us to Lacock
for a short visit. We went to Bristol to have lunch. We ate Hong Kong
food and it was so delicious! At night we went to Bristol suspension
bridge to look at the firework. After we parked the car, we walked to
the place where we could see the bridge. We waited almost 20 minutes
for the firework. It was so long for me. Finally the firework started.
It was very pretty but it only lasted 10 minutes. I thought it would
last about 30 minutes. I was very disappointed about this. The firework
was to remember 200 years since the birth of the designer. Today I was
very happy because I could see the pretty firework.
9th April 2006, Sunday

Heading for London
Today we took bus to Bristol and we took coach to London. When we took
bus to Bristol, it hailed but not big. When we arrived at Bristol, the
time was about 12:40 a.m. We waited for the coach until 2:00 p.m. My
brother and I were playing chess when we were waiting for the coach.
After we got on the coach, my brother and I were talking and talking.
We talked too loud so my mum warned us. We tried to make our voices
lower but we kept talking and talking. My mum warned us many times but
our voice just kept louder and louder. My mum became very angry. She
said “if you keep on talking, today you’ll stay in the hostel.” Both of
us decided to sleep, because we didn’t want to stay at the hostel for
the rest of the day.
10th April 2006, Monday

St. Paul’s Cathedral & London Tower
Today my mum and aunt needed to meet a customer at London. When we
visited St. Paul’s Cathedral, they did not come with us. St. Paul’s
Cathedral is the biggest church in the whole Britain. This church was
burned when the London Fire started. They rebuilt it again. Actual the
old St. Paul’s Cathedral and the new one were different. The old one’s
roof was pointed and the new one was an arch. The inside of St. Paul’s
is very pretty. Some of the roofs have pictures which are made by
mosaic. After visited St. Paul’s we met my mum and aunt and went to
London Tower. I thought London Tower is very high but it is not. My
father, my brother and I only looked two parts of London Tower because
we did not get enough time. I thought London Tower is not as good as
St. Paul’s cathedral.
11th April 2006, Tuesday

A boring day
Today we went to British Museum. After we visited British Museum, my
mum, father, brother and I went to take the luggage. We were very
afraid that we could not catch the train which was going to France. My
mum was not coming with us because she did not get the visa. When we
got to the train station and met my aunt and cousin Joanne, we found
out there was a landslide coming down to the train track. The landslide
happened so we had to go to Ashford and take the trains there. When we
arrived at Ashford, there was a long queue and we needed to wait in the
queue. We waited about five hours and we finally got on the train.
Today I was bored because we waited at the train station so long and
nothing to do.
12th April 2006, Wednesday

Visiting Louvre Museum
Today we went to lots of places in Paris. We visited the Gate of
Triumph first. It was very pretty. Later we went to Eiffel Tower. It
was very tall but we did not go to the top of it. Next we went to
Louvre. We should meet Shee-Wai but she did not come. So we visited it
by ourselves. Inside of it there were lots of statues and paints. We
saw Mona Lisa paint. After seeing the paint, we went to the gift shop
to buy something. Aunt Wang who took care of us even bought a book from
which we could make a paper model of Louvre museum. Tonight we actually
planed to sleep in the tent which was in aunt Wang’s garden, but we
didn’t. Today I was happy. I forgot to take my mum’s camera with me and
take pictures. What alas!
13th April 2006, Thursday

Notre Dame Church
Today we went to Nortre Dame church. It was very big, when you looked
from the outside. When you looked from the inside, it was quite small.
Inside of this church was very dark because at that time people didn’t
know how to let the light coming into houses. I liked Notre Dame
because it had lots of pretty stained glasses inside. After visiting
Notre Dame, we went to have afternoon tea. The coffee shop we went to
was very expensive but the food there was quite good. When we were
eating I saw a man playing the chains on the road. After having
afternoon tea we went to a Chinese store to buy something. We went back
to the place where we lived. Aunt Wang who received us invited her
friends to have a party. The adult were having party at the ground
floor. My brother and I were playing the basement. That night we went
to bad very late because of the party.
14th April 2006, Friday

Versailles Palace
Today we went to Versailles Palace at Versailles town. Versailles
Palace was very pretty. Louise 14th lived there first. He built this
palace and its garden was bigger than the house. At the garden there
was a man-made lake. It looked like a cross when you looked down from
the sky. After visiting the palace we went to a farm at a big garden to
eat our lunch. This farm was built by the queen who was the wife of
Louise 14th. Inside of the farm there was a big pound. The fish jumped
out of the water. Just beside the pound there were two geese and the
female goose laid eggs in its nest.
After having lunch at the farm, we went to another town to visit Notre
Dame church. It was not the church at Paris but Chartres. At night we
arrived at our hotel which was a small castle.  
15th April 2006, Saturday

Visiting Leonardo Da Vinci’s house
Today we went to take a look at the garden market which was just next
to our hotel. We ate our lunch at this market’s restaurant. We left the
hotel and went to Clos Luce where Leonardo Da Vinci lived before.
Leonardo designed lots of things like tank, helicopter, etc. We only
visited the house where Leonardo stayed. We did not go to the garden
because we did not have much time. We did go to the gift shop. My aunt
bought one steel nib guill for me. I was very happy and thankful
because of that. We went back to aunt Wang’s home at 10 p.m.
16th April 2006, Sunday

A smooth journey
Today we woke very early because we were going back to England. We
needed to arrive at the train station at 9:45 a.m. When we arrived at
the train station, I saw the fastest rain the world. We took Eurostar
train back to England. This time the journey back to England was very
smooth. It was not like the journey to France. We waited total five
hours to get on the train that time. After taking Eurostar train to
London, we took tube to Victoria station. Then we took the couch to
Bristol. When we arrive at Bristol, soon there was a bus to Bath. We
took it back to Bath. Today I was very happy except my mum nagging me
about the expensive nib guill that my aunt bought for me.
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